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August 3, 2008

I'm Having a Shoe Attack at Zazzle!!!

Hi People!

I'm currently having this crazy obsession with designing shoes over at Zazzle! I cannot seem to stop and I've been at it since Zazzle launched its first ever custom shoes by KEDS. It's very, very addictive!!

There are 3 styles available for women: slip on, mini slip on & lace up and 2 style for kids: lace up and slip on.

fat*fa*tin art & design at Zazzle

Below are just some of the new designs from my Zazzle gallery.

If you like a particular design and don't see it on a shoe style you want, just send me a message from my Zazzle hompage and I will custom make it for you usually within 24 hours!

Click here to check out all my custom KEDS shoe design at Zazzle!

Daisy Fuzzy Color Dots Women's Slip On kedsshoe
Funky Boy Loves Girl Kid's Slip On kedsshoe Jellybean Pop Kid's Lace Up kedsshoeRetro Juicy Pink Dots Women's Lace Up kedsshoe
Cartoon Skulls and Bones Women's Mini Slip On kedsshoe
Sakura Sunrise Women's Mini Slip On kedsshoe Spring Flower Power Women's Mini Slip On kedsshoePink Dotted Flowers and Birds Women's Mini Slip On kedsshoe
Tropical Flower Fusion Swirl Women's Slip On kedsshoe
Four Seasons Trees on Brown Women's Slip On kedsshoe Boys' Toys Kid's Slip On kedsshoeColorful Summer Birds and Swirls Women's Slip On kedsshoe
Chinese LOVE Calligraphy Flower Women Mini Slip On kedsshoe
Oriental Swallows in Moonlight Women Mini Slip On kedsshoe Tropical Waves & Pink Hibiscus Women Mini Slip On kedsshoe Pink Cupcakes on a Tree Kid's Slip On kedsshoe

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